The next best books library app 
Booksdb is a books library database where you can write all your book titles and info and give you the ability to sync your data with the cloud so you can have your library in all your Ios and Mac Os devices 
Now you can have your list of books everywhere and anywhere

Ios 10 Or Later 
macOs 10.12 or later 
Available Languages: English

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Cowboys and Ninjas is a 2d platformer game where you have to pass through the ninjas and the traps.
Defeat the Ninjas and be the Cowboy you were always meant to be.
Reach The end of each level without getting killed by the ninjas or the traps.

Ios 7.1 Or Newer 
Available Languages: English

Nature vs Beasts is a game like plant vs zombies where you have to protect your garden so you wont be overun my monsters.
You have to plant your defenses well and dont let them pass

Android 4.1 or later
iOS 7.0 or later
Available Languages: English

With Vehicles manager you can:
Keep tag of your Insurances
Keep tag of your Mot Tests
Keep tag of your previous and upcoming services
With notification abilities, you will never forget your next Mot Test
The App can notify you about upcoming services, MOT Tests, Insurances that are due to expire.

Requirements Iphone, Ipad devices with ios 8 or newer

Available Languages: English,Greek

Movies Manager is a must app for all the movie lovers. 
With Movies Manager you can keep a database with movies you own, movies you want to see, and movies you have seen. 
Now with built in category filters to find easier what you are looking for.
Have you ever found yourself in place talking with friends about movies and couldn’t catch your mind which movies you want to see. 
Now with Movies Manager this belong in the past.

With Movie Manager you can
-Customise the app environment 
-Add Movies
-Check Movies at IMDB

New features V1.1
-Added Filter to categorise the movies by (seen,want to see,own,all) states
-Better Memory Management
-Improved environment for Colour setup
-Edit Support has been added
-Fixed a bug with IMDB check when the movie tittle had a space between words

Requirements iPhone, iPad devices with iOS 8 or newer

With Home Management you can manage your products and set expiration dates so the app could notify you when a product is about to expire.
The app comes with a shopping list, you will never again forget something from the grocery store.
With home management you can now be always ready.
And last but not least you can manage your bills and also set expiry dates to inform you.
The app supports English, Greek, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Estonian, Russian.

New features V1.1
-Added quantity at products list
-Now you can set how many days before to notify you about products and bills expiration
-Appearance customization support: you can change the background color, navigation bar color, search bar color, and text color 
-Fixed some localization problems

New features V1.2
-edit feature has been added
-fixed some bugs in the notification system

New features V1.3
-Sort Ability has been added for products and bills.
-Ability to reset to default color theme
-App improvements

Available Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Estonian, German

Requirements iPhone, iPad devices with iOS 8 or newer