Sunday, January 20, 2019

About me

My name is Lefteris, I'm borned at July 1st 1985.
Computers was always my love from my first years in life, at age of 8 i begun my fist steps in computer science.
It was love in first sight, from then i studied programming by myself and then i went to an Institute of Vocational Training and studied Video Games Programming, and Software Programming.
But life isn't always as we want and didn't manage to find a job to do something i love, but couldn't  stay unemployed either, so i found a job i didn't love and told my self i will pursue my dreams at my free time.
But when you want something a lot things keep coming the wrong way. 
But if you really want something a lot you try and keep trying.
So after some years i begun again to read  at my free time about Mobile Programming.
And Here i am now, i have already at my portfolio 3 apps and many ideas for future apps, hoping for many more to come.

София EMSIEN-3